What Clients Say

The great thing about being a life coach is getting to know such insightful, creative, fun, imaginative, and resourceful people!

If you are considering coaching, here are some of their thoughts on the experience:

Jan is a great gal, with a twisted, irreverent sense of humor, which oddly enough matched mine! I was a 69 year old stationary, obese, recently-widowed mess. Taking a giant leap outside my comfort zone, I engaged Jan as a life coach. Her phone and email contact gently led me thru the thought processes needed to map out a way forward to a healthier, more active lifestyle, while adapting to widowhood and an out of state move... CHANGE! She helped immensely to reduce the fear factor and masterfully filled a need, just at the moment I needed it. It seemed very much like chatting with a friend, not a structured, check points off a list kind of clinic.
But, in her own sneaky way, Jan posed thought-provoking questions and guided me toward decisions. Being able to talk through my thought process and have my conclusions (most of them) validated, provided needed emotional support. Though the move has been made, and both good eating habits and daily exercise have become habitual, I still stay in contact with Jan--she's my biggest cheerleader, always shaking those pom-poms! Though I have good support from trainers and my daughters, I still rely on Jan's well-thought out counsel. I highly recommend her to seekers of any age...it's not only younger people with educational or employment concerns who can benefit from Jan's expertise. Get out of that rut, and use her as a solid resource! --Sue, from Iowa/Illinois
Jan is an amazing coach. I felt immediately at ease with her style and approach to life coaching. She let me set the pace and the tone of our conversations while at the same time asking just the right guiding questions, providing insight and a fresh perspective into my life and the questions I was pondering.
Just over a year ago, I was content but not satisfied with my work life. I was unsure about ‘rocking the boat’ - why shake things up? I have an amazing relationship with a supportive and loving partner, a lovely home and fantastic friends. What more could I want?
I decided to address some of my questions with the fun and fabulous Jan. So where did all of this lead? Well, am absolutely thrilled to say that I have gone from a Project Accountant at an engineering firm to a doctoral student. I start graduate school this fall!! I know that the next 5 years or so will be challenging but I will be working toward a career that is aligned with my values and passions. I am thankful to know that I have Jan in my corner and I KNOW that our future sessions will help support my efforts while at the same time giving me a swift kick in the ass as needed! You have one life, make it AWESOME!! --Theresa Skaar

I loved working with Jan! I found her online and it was her sense of humor that first drew me in. While I'd never worked with a coach before, I was desperate to complete my dissertation proposal within the allowable timeframe. I am very goal oriented and usually accomplish whatever I set out to do, but in this situation, nothing quite worked. My roadblocks were both very real (time, energy, money) and imagined (fear, shame, angst), but Jan found a way to help me break through both. With Jan's skilled guidance and the accountability she provided, I was finally able to complete and successfully defend my proposal. She will definitely be listed in the credits in my dissertation! --Laurie Morgan

I simply can’t overstate the value and difference that Jan’s coaching has made for me over the past year!  To say that I faced a few significant issues over this period would be fair:  training for a long distance athletic event, transitioning out of a 20 year relationship and dealing with elderly parent health issues.  I knew I needed ‘something’ and felt stuck in a couple of areas, but didn’t feel the need for psychotherapy, per se.  Previously - I was skeptical about life coaching and even used to roll my eyes a bit when I heard the term. Wow, have I ever changed my mind! Out of all the coaches around, I hired Jan because of her really great background and expertise in a variety of areas all of which I’m sure were helpful in our work together.  The results? I have dealt successfully with everything that has come up AND – unexpectedly – discovered a new vocation which I am totally passionate and excited to launch! I am more confident and grounded thanks to the help I got from Jan through coaching. To those reading this and contemplating whether or not to sign on – I say “go for it!”.  You’ll be happy you did!  --Jan Bondar

I found Jan's coaching really very helpful in getting me out of my “stuck” place and clarifying what I wanted to do. I really enjoyed working with her! The reflection, feedback and validation all combined to enable me to fix the problem I was experiencing. Without the life coaching, it might have taken a hell of a lot longer to find a solution – or I might have just settled for less. The coaching was international, done via email and a Skype connection where I didn’t even have a proper webcam - I was pleased to discover coaching can work quite well even when you can’t actually see or meet the person! --Cecily A

I've worked with Jan on and off for over a year now and I am wholeheartedly telling you that she has helped me work positive change into my life. There have been times where our talks feel less like coaching, and more like shooting the shit with an awesome sister unafraid to school my ass with some very well placed questions. There have also been times where our sessions have comprised of pages and pages of emails just to hit that one moment of "hey, that's what I was looking for!" Without this combination, I think I would have given up on some of my goals long ago. --Liz

I’ve really been surprised by how much positive change is possible in just a few weeks. With this coaching behind me, my personal relationships, work life and outlook on life have all changed for the better, and I’ve got the tools to keep that change going! Jan's insight and experience was the catalyst I needed to find the answers I’d been carrying around inside me. The relaxed, informal and positive mood of the coaching suited me down to the ground! --Alan

Jan is a friendly and upbeat person, and it's easy to discuss all of your issues with her. She expresses her interest and concern in your life in an enthusiastic and non-judgmental way. The great thing about coaching for me is that it created a situation in which I examined my hopes and goals in an organized way. Jan works with you to find creative ways to reach your goals, change your habits, and hold yourself accountable. Even if you do not think that coaching is something you want to do for the rest of your life, it is a great tool to motivate you make changes and solve problems in ways that suit your individual situation.--Jessica Hutchings

Damn, she's good! I was unsure which direction I needed to take. Truly, if I hadn't spent all that time thinking through all the possible options I could not have withstood the stresses of change in the past year. I needed to make a tough move that ultimately put me in a better, more comfortable situation, but getting there was hard. Jan was the trampoline that made that leap possible. --Mary Anne Stout

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