About Jan

So just who is this "Jan" person who wants to be your coach? Here's more than you ever wanted to know!

Coaching Style:  I'm a believer in humor, pragmatism, and flexibility. I don't think any one coaching paradigm has all the answers for every client, so I take an eclectic approach and borrow from different schools of thought.  As to pace, that's up to you!  I can be a gentle guide (if you'd like to proceed in a more relaxed fashion), or help push you to your limits.

Education/Experience, Short Version:  I'm an ACE certified Health Coach, a former psychotherapist (though still currently licensed), a certified life coach, and a health and fitness blogger.  I was also, decades ago, an attorney. So I have quite a few initials after my name if that helps you feel more comfortable.

Want Details? Long Winded Life Bio:  I learned the hard way that it isn't always easy to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.  I majored in psychology at UC San Diego, and worked there for a couple years in an experimental psychology lab.

Then, in a misguided effort to be more "practical" I shifted directions and went to law school (Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco). I then spent a brief period of time practicing as a corporate attorney in Oakland, CA, and hated every second of it.

Next I settled in as an editor at a legal publishing company (Bancroft-Whitney, now part of Thomson/Reuters).  Which was a wonderful experience for quite a few years. I loved the academic atmosphere, the clever and amusing colleagues, and the ability to wear jeans to work.  But eventually I began to feel the job was not quite interactive enough and grew restless.

I then rediscovered my interest in psychology and returned to Cal State East Bay to get an M.S. in counseling psychology, which led to becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I spent a number of years in community counseling centers and in private practice in the San Francisco bay area.

However, when my go-getter spouse started making career leaps that required frequent relocation, I realized I couldn't continue to be a California-based therapist.  I closed down my therapy practice and got to pursue a lifelong dream of writing fiction.  How did that go? Well, I've got a dusty pile of unproduced screenplays and an unpublished novel tucked back in a closet.  During this time I also combined my interest in writing with my semi-obsessive quest for easy, pain-free ways to become healthy and fit.  I started the health and fitness blog Cranky Fitness.  I still post there, although I'm well aware that the pseudonym "Crabby McSlacker" might not inspire confidence in a potential health and wellness coach. For a year or so I burned out on blogging and worked as a managing editor and contributor for a medical marketing site, Med Health World. But I apparently I have too many opinions and couldn't stay away from the blogosphere for long and am having fun blogging once again.

Most recently, I retrained as a Certified Life Coach with Coastal Counseling and Coaching, with a special interest in Health,Wellness, and Life Transitions. And I followed up with an ACE Health Coach certification.  Unlike traditional psychotherapy practice, life coaching enables me to leave the medical model behind and focus on strengths and future visions rather than diagnosing "disorders" and getting mired in the past.  Plus, coaching allows me to work long-distance and live part time in both San Diego and Cape Cod.  (Which, honestly, is just as awesome as it sounds).

Communication with clients:  I'd love to meet with you in person if you're able to visit me in Provincetown MA during the summer, or in San Diego CA during the winter.  Otherwise, we can have sessions by phone, by Skype (audio, or video where call quality is sufficient) or we can even just trade emails if that works best for you.