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We've all got goals, plans, hopes, and dreams...but how are you supposed to make them come true?

Maybe you'd like to get in the best shape of your life. Or swap a soul-numbing corporate job for a creative one. Or face an illness or life transition with your sanity intact, full of fresh ideas for a hopeful future. Perhaps you dream of transforming yourself from a disorganized, self-critical procrastinator into an efficient, adventurous superhuman--one who never raises her voice or forgets to return a library book.  Working with a life coach, the agenda is all yours.

Some issues a Life Coach might be able help you with:
  • Improving Health and Fitness
  • Thriving During Life Transitions 
  • Clarifying Values & Achieving Goals
  • Moving Towards Work/Life Balance
  • Personal & Creative Growth

Change isn't always easy.

Have you ever felt inspired to make big changes in your life, but failed to follow through?  Got a few self-help books or motivational cd's gathering dust at home?  Congratulations, you're normal!

Most people find that with all the distractions life throws in our path, it's easy to lose sight of our goals and get discouraged.  The result: putting off important plans and cherished dreams for another day. But wait, life is short! And the odds against winning the lotto are pretty darn long. Is it time to start shaping your own future, instead of waiting for it to randomly happen to you?

How can coaching help?

A coach helps you clarify what you really want in life.  Coaching can help you figure out the concrete steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.  Situations that might seem difficult or even hopeless when faced alone may feel entirely different once you have a coach inspiring you to find creative options.  And coaching will challenge you to stay accountable to your dreams, moving forward with action, not just talk.

Is life or wellness coaching right for you?

Coaching is not psychotherapy.  Nor is it like a chat with a friend, a visit to a guru, a training program, a lecture from your doctor, or a tarot card reading from your neighborhood psychic. It's a partnership in which you set the agenda, and get help achieving your dreams.


To find out more about what coaching is and isn't, check out the "What's Life Coaching?" page. Or, if you're like to know more about my qualifications and coaching style, you may want to visit "About Jan." For services and prices, check "Rates."

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